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Why doing Private Label with Maxvue

See what makes our lens safer.

MAXVUE lenses are made only from materials approved by US FDA. All colour pigments used are non- toxic and free from any side effect.

MAXVUE lenses are produced in a state-of-art production facility in clean room environment and conforms to European CE requirements.

MAXVUE lenses are 100% checked at every stage of production to ensure they are defect-free.

Every lens that leaves our production is sterilized at 121°C to ensure its totally free from any harmful bacteria and fungus.

Maxvue contact lenses are made only with US FDA approved materials. Our proprietary double coating sandwich and 3 stages pressurized curing processes ensure colour materials are firmly locked and never get in contact with eyes. Phantasee lenses are safe without any side effects.

Certification & Approvals

3 Months Disposable Contact Lenses

Big Eyes series

3 Tones series

Glamour series

Vivid series

Elixor series

Venicol series

Phantasee Big Eyes series

Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses

Cheerful series

Fizzy series

TruBlends series

Dolly series

The Most Recommended by Optometrist Worldwide

Multi Purpose Solution and Eye Drops

• Cleaning Multi Purpose solution in HPMC or HPMC + HA formula 60ml, 120ml, 360ml and 500ml
• Rewetting eye drops in HPMC or HPMC + HA formula 10ml and 30ml

Crazy / Costume Contact lenses

• PLANO ( Non powered, for perfect eyesight)
• With Power / Prescription up to -6.00 1 to 4 tone colours
• Diameter in mm: 14, 17 and 22 (sclera) Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, 6 Months and Yearly Replacement.

Clear / Tinted Contact Lenses

• Materials : Hydrogel Terpolymer or Silicone Hydrogel
• With Power / Prescription up to -15.00 or +6.00
• Bandage lenses (Plano) Diameter in mm: 14.0 , 14.2, BC : 8.6 and 8.5
• Daily, Monthly and Yearly Replacement.

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